Enhanced Clarity for Arc

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Enhanced Clarity for Arc

Thanks to a recent update, your Sonos Arc now delivers even crisper dialogue and more vivid detail.

Arc now features our latest center channel array algorithms that enhances dialogue clarity. This improvement takes effect even when Speech Enhancement is not enabled.

You may also notice greater detail in music and TV. We adjusted the speaker’s tuning for different types of content, which enhances overall clarity.

Because this update substantially changes how Arc processes and localizes content, previous Trueplay settings cannot be applied to this update. After downloading the latest software release, Arc will be updated to its new standard tuning with improved clarity. In order to get the best listening experience in your room, we recommend retuning your Arc with Trueplay.

To get the latest update for Arc, all you’ll need to do is ensure your S2 app and system is up to date. In the Sonos app, go to Settings > System > System Updates > Check for Updates.