Sonos Roam - USB-C single orientation

  • 22 June 2023
  • 2 replies


I am a long-time Sonos user and I recently bought a Sonos Roam. I am disappointed that the basic thing about having a dual orientation USB-C charging port was not implemented: the device charges only if a USB-C to USB-C cable is plugged in on the Roam’s end in one orientation, but not the other. I tried a few cables and a few chargers and concluded that it was the Sonos Roam’s fault. Considering that Sonos is a premium brand, I wonder why this wasn’t implemented.

Sure, the included USB-A to USB-C cable works both ways, but the world is moving towards USB-C only, so this design is a missed opportunity.

2 replies

I’ve just tried this with my Roam and a USB-C/USB-C charger/cable, as seen in the attached image. The cable works whichever way around I rotate the USB-C plugs at the Roam end (or the power adapter end). I even tried swapping the entire cable over, so the adapter-end was used at the Roam-end and no matter which permutation I tested, the Roam battery LED correctly lit up temporarily and it showed as charging in the Sonos App (battery icon changes to show charging every time). Maybe you have a fault?

I’ve just also tried with this iPad Pro Apple USB-C/USB-C charger cable too (see attached) and rotated the USB-C plug around at the Roam end and the charger end (and swapped the two ends of the cable again, just for good measure) and that’s also working okay here - it’s any way around for the plug, or the cable.