SONOS ROAM Shutting itself down on full battery, lowering volume alone

  • 15 January 2023
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Buyed my Roam the  01/07/2021, worked good except for the sound stuttering constantly when scrolling Youtube on my phone.

Now the product is completly unusable, turns itself off after a few minutes for no reasons, sometimes lower the volume despite having no volume limitation in the settings (happens with both my phone and computer).

I tried doing the reset, changing settings like the surround or autoconnection but nothing worked.
App is up to date, account connected, there’s no voice assistant linked.

I sent a report after the shut down and restart so you guys can check what’s going on inside : 978345758


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1 reply

This is a Sonos ‘user’ community for the most part - you are best to contact Sonos Support Staff direct via this LINK