Roam stereo pair is silent in right hand speaker?!?

  • 2 September 2023
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I’ve just setup a system with two Roams as a stereo pair on a Wi-Fi network, but during play back sound only comes out of the left hand speaker.  They display as connected in the controller app and the control buttons on both speakers work as expected, it’s just that one speaker is silent :-(.

I suspected there might have been a hardware issue with the actual speakers inside the device, but I connected to it with Bluetooth and it plays fine.  Looking around in the controller app there’s a balance control in the EQ settings, but it’s set to 0 (the middle) by default.  Moving it left makes no difference, but moving it right makes everything quiet with it going silent at +20R.

So is this some firmware bug?  Or has something gone wrong with my setup that a reset would fix?  Any help appreciated.


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2 replies

The network connection for the left speaker is “Excellent” with a SNR of 50 to 55 dB and for the right speaker goes between “Excellent” and “Good” with a SNR of 40 to 45 dB.  They’re both about 3 metres away from the router.

I disconnected the stereo pair so they were separate speakers and the right hand one was still silent.  So I did a factory reset on it and it started working.  And it was still working after setting up the stereo pair again, so it’s fixed now.  A bit strange it got into that half-broken state in the first place though….