Roam charging using USB C port?

  • 26 March 2024
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Hello… it possible to charge a Roam speaker using a USB C connection?  Not talking about the cable into the speaker, but the other end going into a charging port.  The cable provided uses a USB A connection, and I would like use a USB C connection.  


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3 replies

As long as the amps and voltage remains as high (and it should, USB-C tends to be higher than USB-A, but you should check), it should work. I’ve certainly used adapters before, as I’m doing all I can to get rid of USB-A.

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Thanks for that reply.  I am looking to put in some electrical outlets that contain USB ports.  I can get some that have 2 USB A ports, but I wonder if the USB C ports might start to become more prevalent in the future?  So, thinking that might be better to have both A and C ports.  

Make sure that the USB charger meets the requirements.