How to maximize the battery life of Move 2

  • 26 April 2024
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I have a new Move 2 (which is great--I am already thinking about getting a second one!) and want to maximize the battery life (not how long it can charge, how long the battery lasts before needing replacement). While I like the option of portability, I think the Move 2 will spend a lot of its life on the charger. Should I drain the battery sometimes and if so, how often? Any other tips for getting the longest battery life possible?


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1 reply

Each era brings different battery technologies. NiCd batteries were not so keen on bing constantly charged and liked to be fully discharged on occasion. Lithium based batteries are the opposite, they like to be charged, dislike being fully discharged. Fully discharging can result in a fire when charge is next attempted. This is why Lithium batteries often permanently lock out if discharged beyond a certain point.

The portables should be kept on their charger when not in portable use. Keep the battery away from heat. Like any battery they are good for a fixed number of full cycles. You’ll get many more partial cycles.