Flexible use of Move when watching TV

  • 6 November 2023
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I have a surround setup on my TV (Arc, 2 x Ones and Base). I recently bought a Sonos Move.

When playing music on YouTube via my TV i would like to ability to add my Sonos Move as its positioned another part of my open plan kitchen and living area.

I know i can select each Sonos device and group when playing via my mobile but how can I do that when playing through my TV? 

BTW: I am aware Move cannot be connected to surround setup.


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5 replies

You’d simply group the Move with the Arc. Note however that TV audio will be slightly delayed via the Move, so you may experience an echo.

Thanks. Struggling to find a way to do this! May be because my Arc is setup as part of my surround sound system (2x Ones and 1 x Sub).

any thoughts?

Thanks i have done this already and use it when playing music via my phone however i would like to the have the flexibility to group while playing youtube on my TV. There doesnt seem to be a way to do this!

As i said my TV is connected to a Sonos surround sound

You can still group the Move with the Arc for TV audio. Like I said before, the audio will be slightly delayed.

Also, unless you disable “ungroup on autoplay” in the Arc settings, the Move will be ungrouped whenever TV audio playback starts.