Connexion ethernet sonos move

  • 24 December 2022
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Est il possible de connecter ma sonos move avec un cable ethernet à mon routeur, à l’aide d’un adaptateur pour cable usb-c ? (pour éviter une connexion en wifi).

la connexion wifi fonctionne très bien, mais quand je bascule sur le bluetooth, la connexion wifi de la PS4 de mon fils se perd.


4 replies

No, unfortunately the USB-C connection is for power only, and does not carry Ethernet. 

If you’re losing connection to your son’s PS4 when using Bluetooth, a very odd situation, that suggests that there might be some sort of wifi interference going on, I would certainly consider changing the channel your Wi-Fi is broadcasting on, and making sure there is enough distance between the devices (sitting on top is always too close). 


 Thank you for the reply.

It seems that this comes from the protocol of the 2 devices that are the same.

So, when I turn off the wifi of one, the other also cuts.

I will call the sonos assistance, we will see what they advise me.

If by ‘protocol’, you mean ‘IP address’, you could just unplug both of them from power, then reboot your router. Give the router 2 minutes to reboot, then plug in the PS4 and power it up. Give it a couple of minutes to connect, and then finally plug in your Sonos speaker while the PS4 is still on. It should request a new IP from your router as part of the booting up sequence, and because the router has been refreshed, and the PS4 is on, the router ‘should’ give the Sonos a completely different IP address. 

Good idea, I'll try that.Thanks for the info, I'll let you know if it works.