Can't sign into my account on Sonos app

  • 8 March 2024
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I want to use my Sonos Roam, which I haven’t used for ages. So when I try to sign in using the Sonos app on my iPhone, it says “Enter the email and password for the Sonos account associated with”  -  and then it shows an email address I don’t recognise. Finding it impossible to sign in. I’m using the app on an iPhone 14 Max. Thanks 

3 replies

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Has someone else used your Roam?

To register the Roam back to your own Sonos account, in the Sonos app, go to Settings > System > Transfer System Ownership and follow the prompts.

Thanks. My husband uses the app via his phone, but he’s signed in with my details. I’ve just done what you suggested - Settings > System > Transfer System Ownership, and I get -

“Transfer Sonos, This will register your Sonos system to a different account - Continue”, but the next panel is the Sign in to Sonos page with the unknown email address. I do however have another option which says ‘I can’t access this account’, so when I select that, it then prompts me to do things I’ve already done, such as change my password and reset the app, but it all just brings me to the sign-in page with the unknown email address.

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When you select “I can’t access this account” it should prompt you to input your Sonos account credentials of email/password.