Adding Sonos Roam for TV Sound in Another Room: Compatibility with Beam Gen 2

  • 20 March 2024
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I’m using the Beam Gen 2 as a surround sound system with Sinfoniks. I’m considering adding a Roam to listen to the TV sound in another room using the group function. Is this possible?


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For sure it is. 👍🏻

With standard settings there will be a minimal delay of about 75ms to the grouped room, but if it’s placed in another phisical room imo that doesn’t matter. 
Make sure that „delay of grouped rooms“ is set to 75ms (minimum). 
Otherwise put the option „tv dialogue synchronization“ to level 3, if you still have an echo you don’t like. That let audio „wait“ and produces a delay to the video, but for me it’s not noticeable.