Why does my Roam keep switching back to its old room after I moved it to a new room in the app?

  • 25 January 2023
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Hello Brain Trust,

I physically replaced the Roam I had in my kitchen with a One and in the app I switched the room for the Roam from “Kitchen” to “Sonos Roam”.

My issue is every day or two my Roam reverts back to the old room “Kitchen”.

I tried removing the device, re-adding it to my system, and I even factory reset the device with no luck.

Has anyone else had this issue or can someone provide guidance on how I can prevent my Roam from reverting back to it’s old room name?



Best answer by John B 25 January 2023, 20:14

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4 replies

Are you using Alexa? 

Or HomeKit?

My money is on Homekit.  My life savings in fact. 

It absolutely is the most common reason for room name changes. I’m not sure why that is allowed by the Sonos software, but must be in an API document put out by Apple, as a guess. Required behaviour, and all that.