Unable to get Move 2 to sync with other speakers. Any suggestions?

  • 1 April 2024
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I can get source of audio to play on the Move 2.

I can get source of audio to play on any of the other speakers in the network (and with each other).

I can not get the source on the Move 2 to play/sync with the other speakers or vice versa.


Been through support for hours, returned the first Move 2 and new Move 2 is doing the same thing. Have rebooted system, reconnected network, etc.


Other things that may clarify:

I have two Sonos systems/networks -- one for home, one for work. This is my home system.

I have Play 3, Sonos One/SL, Sonos Beam, Sonos Sub, Sonos Symfonisk all on this system.


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I fixed it, I think.


I’m not sure what part did it but I ended up unplugging every single Sonos speaker device and leaving them off. I then factory reset the Move 2 again. I turned off the power to my modem and router and reset both. I then basically brought them all back on in reverse (modem → router → Move 2 → other Sonos Speakers).


The Move 2 now can find and group sync with the other devices.


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I'd submit a diagnostic first and post it here then call the support team. 

Can you perhaps provide a screenshot from the S2 Sonos App of ALL the Sonos ‘rooms’ (speakers) in your Home System and can you show one of the rooms grouped with your Move 2 - just want to see if you do have things setup as they should be.

This Sonos support link perhaps may also assist you too…

I don’t (yet) understand why you mentioned your Sonos ‘work’ system? Is that system in the same location on the same WiFi subnet, or is it situated elsewhere?

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Please give us some information on your network system. Are there any other devices like wifi extenders or just a single router? Are you also using SonosNet for the other devices? (At least one of them lan cabled)

The behavior you described often appears, if there’s a wifi extender working on the network. 

I would also suggest checking for any Sonos updates too, as @bockersjv mentions. Also reboot the local router and if using any WiFi extenders/access points, switch those off and then test the grouping/playback again.


The “Portable” is the Move 2 speaker for clarification.

The speaker displays as though it’s playing within the group, but it is not. 

I can get the Move 2 to play audio standalone through Sonos App, Bluetooth -- but never the other speakers to join the same audio.

I can get all other speakers to interact with each other without any issues (but Move 2 can not sync).


I can push physical buttons on Move 2 to Pause/Play other speakers when playing as group as well.



Mentioned other system in case there was any known bug with multiple networks owned by the same account. 

All speakers are on the same home network that I’m testing.

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Is the Move on the same S2 version as the rest of the speakers?

I had this bug on one of my Move 1’s.  First try a Long Press, more than 5 seconds until there is a downward tone, to turn it off (make sure it is OFF the charging stand).  Then after a couple of minutes turn it on and see if that fixes it.

If not, as a last resort, you may want to do a Factory reset on the Move 2 only and re-add it to the system again.

If that fails then call support.

All speakers are on wireless connection.

All speakers appear to be up to date on software (and evaluated on call and remote access by Sonos support and found no issues there).

All speakers appear to be on same network.

I have no wireless acesss points/extenders. They’re all on a single wireless router (it does have 5G/2.4G bands, but all speakers appear to be on 2.4G I believe).

I’ve tried factory reset of Move 2, no change. I’ve turned it on/off, no change.

I’ve removed the Network from the S2 app, then allowed it to reset and face same issue.


Rebooting local network/wireless router had same result.


I think my next move is to figure out how to remove the speakers and/or system, install the Move 2 first and then add speakers from there? Is there a way to best approach that?


This has been super frustrating.