Stop Sonos Roam Battery Light Periodical Pulses While Charging?

  • 19 February 2023
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I have disabled the Status Light on my Sonos Roam to prevent it lighting up my bedroom at night, but leaving the Roam on the Wireless Charger, the Battery Light regularly comes on briefly as if I have just placed it on the charger. Despite the Battery Light only being on for brief amount of time it is disturbing in the middle of the night.


I’m guessing this is because the Sonos is allowing its battery percentage to drop down to 99%, then start charging again back up to 100%, but surely this should be factored in.


What can I do to stop this happening?


Best answer by buzz 19 February 2023, 23:35

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1 reply

I’d recommend a small dot of something that blocks the light. This could be a self adhesive smiley sort of thing or just a dot of appropriately colored tape. You could also place something in front of the unit or simply rotate the unit 180°.