Sonos Roam connected to the MacBook Pro but it doesn't play.

  • 25 November 2022
  • 1 reply

With the new IOS upgrade to Ventura I have had several synchronization problems. One of these is the SONOS ROAM I already forgot the SONOS ROAM on the MacBook, I turned the bluetooth off and on, I did a restart of the MacBook Pro and the SONOS ROAM, I do the new pairing and apparently they are connected but the SONOS ROAM does not play. 

1 reply

Is the Mac/Roam volume level low, or perhaps muted? 

Have you tried pairing the Roam to another device to see if that works? My thoughts are that might at least narrow things down towards which device isn’t working as it should be.

See this link below too, that’s if it looks like it is the MAC/Ventura at fault, but perhaps also Google ‘Ventura Bluetooth problem’ aswell: