Sonos Roam Airplay Wont Resume After Pausing

  • 27 January 2023
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After pausing the Sonos Roam while using Airplay, the speaker refuses to resume once play button is pressed yet still shows the speaker is connected over airplay/wifi. Have seen several community discussions about this yet no answer. Please help Sonos this is insanely frustrating. Having to disconnect and reconnect is not how the speaker should work. 


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 28 January 2023, 01:21

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1 reply

FWIW The majority of times I’ve seen this issue mentioned online and not just here, but elsewhere too, is where the sending device was a MacBook Pro PC/Laptop - I’m not sure which model, as I don’t personally use one, but that is often included in cases where I’ve seen this reported, but it’s the same issue with Apples own HomePod speakers too… lots of Airplay issues with that device, but you haven’t said what you’re using here? …but I’m betting it’s that, rather than a mobile, or tablet. If it’s not a MacBook, then let me know, as I have a list of things that can be tried, but it’s mostly for mobile/tablet iOS devices.


Here’s some examples: