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  • 3 January 2024
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Quick question.   I'm not tech savvy so laymans terms please.

My elderly neighbours (avid gardeners) have just purchased a Sonos Roam.  They want to be able to leave their mobile phones inside and have the Roam outside under the verandah so that when their mobiles ring they hear it through the speaker.  I've read they can't answer via the speaker but is it possible to connect to hear the ringing? If it is, where do I find the instructions to connect it please.

Thank you.


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3 replies

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Sorry, this isn’t possible… Sonos does not support bluetooth phone profile what would be necessary to work like they want to. 

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You might want to talk with them about Bluetooth a bit so they can make a good decision on just what to buy for their needs.

Many Bluetooth speakers will only pair with one device at a time so they’d need two speakers for two phones. Also range is a bit iffy, 15 feet through a wall seems to be about all mine will tolerate, 30 feet if no wall is in the way.

OK.  Thank you for your help.  I'll let them know.  🙂