Sonos Move Connecting at Different Location

  • 12 July 2023
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We have sonos one at our home.  We also have sonos one and a move at out lake house which is about an hour away.

Both systems are connected to wifi.  The wifi names and passwords are the same at both houses, but are two different networks.

While at our home, the move at the lake has been randomly connecting.  I can see it connected on the spotify app, but there is no option to turn it off in the sonos app - I can only see the sonos speakers available at our home.  I turn it off through the spotify app, but it constantly reconnects.

I know the music is turning on and off through the move at the lake house because our cameras are catching it.  How can I turn off the move from our house?



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2 replies

It sounds like you’re not turning the Move off, you’re just putting it to sleep.  In the sleep state, your Spotify app would still be able to find it on your network and play music.  Your Sonos app would not because it needs to be on the same WiFi network.

To turn the Move off, you need to long press the power button for 5 seconds (a single press is sleep mode). Not sure, if the Move is on it’s charging dock, it may just remain in sleep mode.

An alternative solution would be to switch the Move to bluetooth mode, since it cannot connect to WiFi and bluetooth at the same time.

Thank you!  Any way to turn it off while we are not there to stop it from going off?