Sonos Move cannot be connected from Spotify when it's on the charging station

  • 5 June 2023
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I play something on Spotify, then I want to listen that on my Sonos Move which is on its charging station. To do that I click On Spotify App > Select device > Sonos.

The issue is that sometimes (not always) Spotify app shows “connecting...” but the connection is not established. However (and that’s the thing I don’t get) when I grab the Sonos Move away from the charging station, the connection got established. Since that time on, Sonos works perfectly fine, 1) away from the charging station or also b) when I put it back in the charging station.


Did it happen to you too?


PS: As an alternative, I can fix that by resetting the Sonos Move (Move it away from the charging station, then click and hold reset button for 5 sec). From now on, the connection is established even when the Sonos move is at charging station.


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1 reply

This is a bit odd. Consider the possibility that the charging station is at a poor WiFi location and the extra traffic needed to establish the Spotify connection is not possible, but maintaining an established connection is possible. It’s easy enough to test this hypothesis by physically moving the charging station.

If this does not yield any insight, submit a diagnostic immediately after a failure, note the confirmation number, and follow up with SONOS support.