sonos move bluetooth pairs with device but no sound

  • 9 August 2023
  • 2 replies

My sonos move will pair with my PC and phone but no audio will play through the speaker.  The sound level will move up and down in accordance with my source material but no sound.  I believe it is an issue with the Move because it always happens when paired with my phone.  I have already tried a factory reset and have the most recent update.

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2 replies

I have similar issues with my iPad when I’m not connecting its Bluetooth to any SONOS units. Working through the issue is a pain. I must disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth receiver and this usually stops the iPad player App, then I must deal with that. I think that it’s an iPad issue. I virtually never have issues connecting my PC to the same Bluetooth device. When I do have trouble with the PC, it is usually after a recent iPad connection with the device. I suspect that the order of connecting to the device is part of the issue, but I have not taken the time to log events.

We have the same issue with our Sonos Move. Connects okay to iphone via bluetooth and then play music and no sound is produced from the speaker. If you leave the music running (Spotify) it sometimes just starts playing after 2-10mins. 
Tried a hard reset which got it working but next day, back to the same old problem. 

Will ring Sonos support to see what they suggest as it appears the issue is not uncommon judging by various threads.