sky Q, sonos beam gen 2, Sky Q and panasonic txmz800b sound problem

  • 30 September 2023
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Just upgraded to a Panasonic tx-55mz800b tv to match with my Sonos beam gen 2 and sky q. My previous Panasonic did not have e arc so I had issues with Dolby and stereo sound and lip sync. The new sep up seemed to solve this but now the same problem has come back. I have turned on the bypass option in the TV’s sound settings but the problem persists. Can anyone assist, please?


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4 replies

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Hi @greenjanner,

With your new set-up, have you enabled eARC on the Panasonic TV? This setting should be under the name ‘Viera Link’ in your settings for your TV. 

If that setting is enabled, then please try rebooting your Sonos Beam and Panasonic TV by unplugging them for around 2 minutes, and also try re-seating the HDMI cable.

I hope this helps!


I have done that and further experiments show that it is only an issue on the SkySpME UHD channel. Oddly, it is not a problem on other channels with an UHD option. Odd. Any thought?

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Hi @greenjanner

It’s strange that only that channel is causing you issues. If you swap to another channel without issues and swap back, does the problem return? I would suggest getting in touch with our support team for further assistance as they can look into diagnostics of your system while the SkySpME UHD channel is on.

The fact that it’s only that channel leads me to believe it’s something with the SkyQ, so it may also be worth reaching out to Sky support and explaining that the issues you have occur with that specific channel.


Thanks. I will try a few more channels including the TNT sports HD channel and switch back and forth. Yesterday, there was no issue at all. I am wondering if the programme I was watching, which was live from Italy, I am in the UK, was the issue.