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  • 21 August 2022
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I’ve recently received a Sonos Roam SL as a birthday gift, I’m having issues turning it off and it remaining off, as per the instructions I push and hold the on/off button for at least 5 secs (minimum) until I hear the second tone, indications are that it has turned off, even the app says it’s off line, after about 5 to 10 mins the white status light comes back on and the app I dictates it available. Any ideas please.



Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 21 August 2022, 13:13

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5 replies

You need to hold the rear power button for longer (whilst off it’s charger) until you hear the ‘descending’ tones. The second tone you have been hearing is likely the Bluetooth pairing mode earcon. So just try holding it for longer and don’t try to switch it off whilst it’s on its charger.

Note also, that returning the Roam to its charger at any point will power it back on and if it’s in a ‘sleep’ state .. (a quick press only on rear power button for example).. then opening the Sonos App on the same subnet will also wake the Roam.


Thanks for your suggestions Ken, I’ll give it a try a little later.

Perhaps see if this brief summary may assist too…

Roam Controls Summary


 Rear Power Button

  1. Use this button to power on the device.
  2. A quick press puts device to sleep/wakes-up device (off it’s charger usually)
  3. A longer press puts device into Bluetooth mode (it will go into BT pairing mode, if not paired), or repeat this step for pairing mode, repeat to return to WiFi (or just disconnect the pairing on the mobile device itself).
  4. A Longer 5+seconds button press when powered on will power off the Roam (off it’s charger usually)

Play/Pause Button

  1. A quick press will play/pause the audio.
  2. A quick double press skips to next track (if available).
  3. A quick triple press (either restarts track or skips to previous track - depends on audio service in use.
  4. A long press (2nd bleep) will group the Roam with a playing Sonos speaker on LAN HH (repeat to cycle through all playing sources).
  5. A longer press (3rd bleep) will invoke Sonos SoundSwap between Roam and nearby ‘compatible’ Sonos Speaker in same HH (WiFi only).. this is not available on the Roam-SL

There are other button options for device reset and diagnostics etc. but they are rarely necessary, so I haven’t included those.


Ken thanks again for your suggestions and the summary, I’m pleased to say I’m now turning the Roam off correctly by hold the power off button for slightly longer. Appreciate your help.