Roam fully charged blinking orange

  • 11 March 2024
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New ROAM speaker fully charged on SONOS charging pad and the bottom light continues to blink orange slowly (stops when I remove from charging base). I don’t remember the Previous Roam speaker I had doing this…is this an “issue” or just an indication of being on the charging base?


Best answer by Jamie A 12 March 2024, 12:55

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1 reply

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Hi @McBizzle1

Is the LED orange or red, as these can be different statues? That status also depends on if the LED is the Roam’s battery light or the wireless charger light. The battery LED for the Roam should stop after 10 seconds if the Roam is above 15% battery.

If the wireless charger is flashing, then it would be a fault condition as it only flashes in that scenario. If the Roam’s battery LED is flashing orange, that means the battery is below 15%, while flashing red means a fault condition. Either way, if the Roam if fully charged and you’re experiencing one of these three lights, I suggest reaching out to our support team to discuss this further with them

If you need to view what each LED colour means on Sonos products, we have a support article that lists the Sonos LED light statues.

I hope this helps!