No sound from Move after new WiFi installed

  • 22 October 2023
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My mobile device tells me music is playing on my Move but no sound comes out. New WiFi was installed four days ago. Move was working well before that, and seems fine now except for total silence! I’ve added it as a new product three or four times and all goes smoothly but still, no sound emerges. I’d be grateful if anyone could offer a new strategy to try.


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5 replies

Refrain from Factory Reset without further consult. The Factory Reset destroys diagnostic data that might have been useful to discover the root problem.

Describe your SONOS system and network.

Hi - thanks for responding. I have so-called superfast broadband from BT and my SONOS set up is just two Play:1s and a SONOS Move. One Play:1 is connected to the router with an ethernet cable and it is working fine; the other two are wireless and, as I said, everything seems ok, my mobile device tells me they are working, but no sound emerges from the speakers.

Are the PLAY:1’s “bonded” as a stereo pair? As a test, play the wired PLAY:1 or the pair, don’t Group with MOVE.

’Silent’ play is usually a sign of network issues. If it seems like there is a temporary, minor communication issue (in the player’s opinion) the player will mute. If the problem is major, the player will jump to the next track or stop. It’s possible that a string of minor issues will result in complete silence. This behavior could be a little different with each service.

No, they’re not bonded. On my mobile, everything is great: it tells me the MOVE is added and the connection is excellent - but no sound… As I said, I’ve reset it several times and of course switched it on and off etc. a thousand times - I don’t know what else I can try.

Here in the Community we do not have access to the data required to troubleshoot this. Submit a diagnostic and follow up with SONOS support.