Leaving a Move (or Roam) always on when charging?

  • 28 June 2023
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I’ve seen a few posts about leaving a Move on it’s charger, and I understand that will not harm the battery.  I’m curious if that is in a powered off or sleep state, or in an on state, and if that makes a difference.

I ask because if I’m going to leave it on the charger full time, I’d be inclined to leave it on to be used full time as well.

I also have a Roam, but never considered this issue.  Is its battery also safe in the same way as the Move?





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Hi @Benjo.Realm, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Having the Sonos Move powered off, in a sleep state, or powered on wont make a difference to the battery life if left on the charging base. A lot of Move users use the charging base as the main location for the Move rather than just a place to charge the speaker. I would recommend keeping the charging base in the room you use the Move the most, that way it will always be fully charged for to to use.

The Roam acts the same way with the wireless charger, so the above applies as well.

I hope this information helps!