issues connecting Move 2 to Xfinity XB8 Gateway with Eero

  • 21 February 2024
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I am unable to connect my Move 2 to my Xfinity XB8 gateway. I also have the gateway connected to an Eero mesh network.

when I login to the Xfinity app, I see that my Sonos speaker is connect with a “strong signal”. I have paused and unpaused which does nothing.

the Sonos app does not show any devices however and the “account”, “services” and “system” menu options are greyed out. 

I was on with customer support for an hour and have restarted the router, rebooted the speaker and restarted the app multiple times.

I suspect it may be the mesh network but I am less familiar with that. 





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3 replies

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Might be a two network issue, can you connect the Sonos to the eero hub’s Ethernet ports?

I turned my eero to bridge mode and that fixed the issue. I am not sure what functionality I might lose as a result of doing that but at least I was able to connect. Thanks!

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If not in Bridge mode the eero will create a second network, isolated from the network the original router creates. That brings many pains.

You can often pick which system to put in Bridge mode, leaving the one with the best features in control of your LAN but that is beyond the scope of the Sonos forum.