impossible to turn on my sonos roam

  • 5 February 2024
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Sorry for my bad english.

I have a big issue with one of my roam.

The battery is full, the light is orange above the roam but impossible to turn the roam on.

I can’t reset it… as the mechanic button is ko. Yet, it never fell. 

Could you help me please ?

Many thanks in advance 



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What charger are you using? - can you post a screenshot of its power-output (volts x amps) shown on the adapter?

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If it really is charged completely, you can try a forced restart by pressing and continuously holding the power button for about 15 seconds. After you release the button Roam should do a restart anyway. 


thanks for your answers.

@Ken_Griffiths : I use the native wireless support ( directly connected in my wall via USB.

@Schlumpf : I have the feeling it’s completely charges (after more than 24H on the support, I had the feeling it was 100% full :)) but.. impossible to reset it ! I have the impression that it no longer holds a charge and that I can no longer turn it on :(

have a nice day !



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Ok… if the battery is at its end of life, only chance imo will be to call Sonos support and ask them for help. 

Thanks for your attention !

@Schlumpf : many thanks for all. I’ll contact Sonos support next week. Fingers crossed :)

Take care