Impossible to switch Roam SL off

  • 5 January 2023
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I have a Sonos Roam SL. For some reason, it fails to connect to my Wifi. When I switch it on, it just flashes the orange light forever. I tried fixing the connection with the Sonos app, but it tells me to switch the device off and then back on. The problem is, it won't switch off: The advice is to press the power button for 5+ seconds, but nothing happens even if I press it for 20 seconds. At some point, the orange light sort of burns evenly for a couple of seconds, but then it just starts flashing again. What's happening here? The device basically isn't responding to anything I do.


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2 replies

Which light is it that’s showing orange? The Status LED (by logo) or the Battery LED at the Qi charge base end of the speaker? If it’s the latter, it sounds like it isn’t charging - Maybe check the charger, which needs to be PD certified and has a minimum power output of 5v x 2A = 10w.

Note if you cannot get the Roam working, then it maybe best to contact/chat with the Sonos Support Staff via this LINK and discuss the issues your are seeing with the device.