Faulty Sonos Roam Charger: Melted and Burned

  • 28 December 2023
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Last month, we smelled smoke coming from the room where our Roam was located. We ran to it, to find a terrible chemical smell and saw smoke coming from the speaker. The charger was their branded product and was smoking. We immediately unplugged it, burning our fingers in the process. We reached out right away. Sonos said they were replacing the speaker 3 weeks ago, even though I am uncomfortable receiving the same product. They’ve now gone silent. We burned our fingers unplugging this. They offered nothing in terms of any form of apology or compensation. We are now up to Level 3 customer service, which has proven to be as subpar as the first two levels. I’ve googled and there are multiple people who have had this issue. I have a client who specializes in class action lawsuits. Has anyone else had this kind of issue and was harmed? I’m wondering if I should reach out to them for guidance. Sonos won’t allow video posting here but here’s a screenshot of the smoke and melting from their Sonos branded charger. It’s the only one I’ve ever used on my (3 month old?) Sonos Roam — which no longer works. I’ve been a user for 10ish years and have sold friends on many speakers. I’ve since changed my tune with them.  

Sonos rep who reads this and tells me to contact you, the case number is xxxxx. You can contact me. Your next available time is New Years Day. 🙄 

Moderator note: For your own protection the case number has been removed from this public area.

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5 replies


had exactly the same issue, however, the charger melted onto the speaker. I filled out my info on your Google Forms link provided on other thread.



I’m curious. How often had you disconnected and reconnected the charger?

Very often. We would use it around the house, but would stay connected a few days at a time in some instances.


When connected, I would use with the same Apple USB-C charger.

Had you noticed any instances of “hot connection” along the way? Or signs of sparking?​​​