Defective Sonos Roam

  • 16 October 2021
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My Roam has been been essentially a paperweight since day 1. Out of the 4 months I’ve had it I’ve gotten about 3 hours of consistent play out of it. It doesn’t respond to anything. It will play for 30 seconds and then stop playing although the Sonos app or streaming service still show its playing. It doesn’t react to any buttons you press. It doesn’t power on or off consistently. It’s utterly frustrating. I spent an hour-plus with Support and they essentially told me it’s my router although none of this is related to that and my Play:1s work fine. I sent a billion logs and am told I can’t get a refurbished one since some lights light up so it’s not dead. I’d be fine just sending it back to Sonos for the sake of science. Donating my Roam for future good as it’s worthless to me and just causes frustration. Glad I used an upgrade discount for this….ugh.


Essentially the same things this forum member said:



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6 replies

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Hi @theruckus 

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Although I wouldn’t normally advise this as the first thing to try, by your description I think the best thing to do is to try a factory reset of your Roam. If the problems you’re having (especially it not responding to button presses) still occur after the reset, I can only advise you to get back in touch with technical support.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, @Corry P!


Yep, I’ve factory reset it and there was no improvement. I’ll try and connect with tech support again.

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Thanks @theruckus 

We should get that sorted out for you.

I am also having similar issues. The speaker will randomly stop playback using either Bluetooth or streaming through the Sonos app. It’s considerably worse when grouped with my sonos one speakers. 

The buttons seem unresponsive and I can’t get the speaker to do anything now.

What happened after you factory reset the device? What did the technical support folks say after you contacted them?

I wasn’t able to factory reset the device. It seemed to be completely frozen. I let the battery die and then after a recharge everything seems to be working. Fingers crossed I have no more issues!