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  • 12 June 2023
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Hello:  I currently have two Play 1s hooked up in stereo pair using the Sonos S2 app on wifi.  I’m considering purchasing the Sonos Move and I have 3 questions.  

Can I add the Move to the same Play 1 group I have in the app? 

Can I also set it up as a seperate speaker (by itself)?    

When at home, I plan on using the Move in a different room in the house than where I have the Play 1 pair.  Can I just leave in on the charger all the time so not to cycle the battery?  When I take it with me away from the house I can just take it off the charging base and using in on bluetooth from the phone. 


Dave in Florida     




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1 reply

In SONOS lingo each single player, “Bonded” pair of identical players, or Bonded surround setup is known as a “Room” in the SONOS controllers. Rooms may be “Grouped” with other Rooms to play the same music. Or, each Room can play its own music. If, for some reason, you have two sets of SONOS speakers in the same physical room, they will have different names in the SONOS controllers — perhaps ‘Kitchen’ and ‘Kitchen 1’ or ‘Counter’.

I recommend keeping MOVE on the charger at all times except, of course, when using it as a portable.

There’s no difference between powered or portable while using Bluetooth.