Cannot connect Roam at all

  • 2 January 2024
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I have owned a Roam for about a year now and it used to work perfectly fine, I only ever used it via Bluetooth and played music from Spotify on my phone, pretty much never opened the Sonos app. I got a new phone recently and had to reconnect my Roam. This has proven impossible. I have tried everything on the app to connect, I am able to get to the stage where the speaker connects with my Wi-Fi but after that I get a message telling me to power the speaker off then turn it back on to finish setup. When I do this, the app forgets the speaker (cannot find the product) and I don’t know what to do besides start over again. I want to connect via Bluetooth but it seems I cannot until this setup is finished, as the speaker does not show up as an option to pair in Bluetooth in my phone settings. Has anyone had a similar experience? I just want to be able to use my speaker again.


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3 replies

No, I’ve not had the same problem @epiccion, far from it.

I regularly switch my Roam between several WiFi networks (Home and when travelling) and switch Bluetooth connections too, including BT pairings with my iPad Pro, iPhone XR, my Wife’s iPad 10 and her iPhone SE.

Maybe see the steps mentioned here…

When you had the new phone @epiccion and installed the S2 App, when you open that App, all you need do, after by-passing the opening screens and accepting the T&C’s etc; is to connect the App back to your existing Sonos system on the local network. Not sure if that helps you too… You do not need to create a new Sonos system, nor add the Roam to it. 

Thank you @Ken_Griffiths , my existing system was not seen on the app but I figured out it was simply a problem with the Wi-Fi in my apartment building that was messing with the ability for my phone and the Roam to fully connect. Problem resolved!