Can't connect Sonos Move to a second network

  • 27 November 2020
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I'm french so I'm sorry by advance for my english.

I own a Sonos Move and I live in two different house (I change house every week) and I i bring my Sonos Move in my two houses. At first it worked perfectly, I could connect my Sonos Move in both of my networks. However, it's been more than a month that I need to factory reset my Sonos Move every week because it cannot connect the the new networks. Everytime I try to do the setup where I click on "New router or changed WIFI settings". Then it says to put the speaker on the charging base and click on the "infinity" button behind the speaker (what I do everytime I try). And then it says that it can deconnect my phone from my actual network for a few moments during the setup of my speaker. But after 1-2min it says that there was a problem while trying to connect to my Sonos and I don't why I can't connect my Sonos Move to a new WIFI even that it can actually connect to 16 different networks.

If anyone could help me with that problem it would be very nice.

Thanks by advance.

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The easiest thing to do would be to change the SSID (wi-fi name) and Password to be the same in both houses, if that’s possible,