Can I leave Roam on its wireless charger all the time?

  • 25 November 2022
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Can I leave Roam on its wireless charging stand so it is ready all the time?  Will this hurt the battery?


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7 replies

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I suspect what @106rallye really means is: Yes. No. 


Thanks everyone!

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Can i ask some questons here as well? 

  1. Is there any different use the cable vs Sonos wireless charger when it comes to “damage” the Roam’s battery? I notice my Roam on the W.C,(Wireless Charger Red.anm) sometimes comes the orange light on for a short period of time(aprox 5-15secounds) but my Roam SL(if that matter) witch is plugged in with the Sonos Cord does not do that.
  2. The W.C. can be used in a damp enviroment such as a bathroom as for the Roam?
  3. Does people have came to the battery-end of the Roam yet? I will keep mine’s on the charger(s) as they are a perfect size for the table becide the bed and on a dresser behind my stres-less chair in grannys livingroom. And i’m gonna purcase another W.C. to my SL as well.
  4. This is not battery-related,but….. is anyone know if there is somwhere where it’s possible to get like a corner-mount with a W.C. Under a Roam to be placed in a 90” angle in a corner? Maybe 3D-printed.

Thanx,and Be Well🙏

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…i need to ask this silly question

The orange&the white light are randomly coming on. Like every 25-45/50min every time and now it started to annoy me. Is there anyway i can turn them off,or is it an easy fix to just use a piece of tape to cover the LED’s or just remove it from the charger(W.C. and cord).




Have a Pleasent Day🤜

I think this is to do with ‘battery conditioning’ - the Roam battery discharges a little over time and then it recharges to keep the battery topped up - I see this too when the Roam is left on my Qi charger pad 24/7 and in my case the charger pad has its own LED display too that changes the lights displayed. I guess it’s something I have learned to live with, but it’s mostly out of sight in my case.

The two Roams I have here are 3+ years old now and still going strong. I discharge their battery every few months (down to around the 20% level) and then charge them up fully and that has kept them playing for 8 hours+ when away from the Home.

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Yes i suspected that. I got one becide me at the stressless(chair) to listen to news in the morning…and i have the SL on the bed-table on volume 20 during night with a certain radiochannel(NRKmp3). The room is 95%dark and i notice the lights/LED flash up from time to time. Both my Roam’s are on the org Wireless Charger. I think i’m going for a white piece of tape and cover the LED’s….it’s the best solution.


Thanx for the tip to drain the battery from time to time…