Bring Sonos Roam to work.

  • 29 April 2023
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The Sonos Roam is set up in my home WiFi with several other Sonos speakers.


Today, I wanted to bring the Sonos Roam to work. First, I paired it to my iPhone using bluetooth. Then I opened the Sonos app to play music. But the app tells me it can’t find any Sonos devices. Why doesn’t it see the Roam paired with bluetooth?


Then I tried to add it to the wifi network at the office. The iPhone is connected to the wifi. Now the app tells me it can’t find any  devices in that wifi network but doesn’t let me add the Roam to the network.


Finally I did a factory reset on the Roam, now the app found it, but when trying to add it to the wifi network, nothing happens. I use a guest wifi without password, for the first connection, I just had to entery my phone number and it would send me a connect ID. But since my iPhone is already connected to that wifi, I should be able to add the connected Roam as well, shouldn’t I?



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Hi @Brandis 

Your instinct to use Bluetooth in the first instance was correct - but your mistake was in trying to use the Sonos app to make it play. Once Roam has linked to a Bluetooth device, it is no longer taking direction from the Sonos app, and the Sonos app is incapable of playing music. With Roam connected to Bluetooth, you want to use your phone’s built-in music app, or the app of a music service, as if you were trying to play out of the phone’s own speakers - it will be redirected to the connected Bluetooth device (your Roam).

Connecting Sonos to a corporate network has difficulties in direct proportion to how seriously your company takes it’s security - in all likelihood, you will be unable to do so without direct help from the IT department. I recommend that you stick to using Bluetooth.

We do not recommend ever factory-resetting a Sonos device unless we specifically instruct you to do so, or if you are selling the device. With the device now reset, not only are you unlikely to be able to set it up on your work’s WiFi, but it now cannot be used with Bluetooth until it has been set up. Please set it up on your home WiFi once more, and don’t reset it again. Note that if you take your Roam to a new network that is not heavily restricted (a friend’s home, for example), you still don’t want to reset the speaker - just tap “Let’s fix it” in the Sonos app and enter the WiFi credentials.

Sonos does not support Guest WiFis as, by definition, they do not allow connected devices to talk to one another (although you could connect Roam to one and successfully use a Voice Assistant, the Sonos app will not be able to communicate with it).

I hope this helps.