Adding new product to my 1st Gen 5's system?

  • 19 January 2024
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I have had 2 Play 5s (1st Gen) and a Play One.  LOVE my system. 

Just moved to new apt and I had my One in the bathroom but my new bathroom doesn’t have a good place to plug it in and also place it somewhere. I thought “OK I’ll get a new water resistant one like Roam or Move.”   I bought a Roam, and after playing around with it and spending a long time iwth an AMAZING Sonos rep on the phone, he says Roam can only work on S2 and Play 5 (1st gen) can only work on S1.  I can’t use Roam and my old speakers!


Ughh! During setup it seemed like S2 (which I downloaded) was going to let me set up the Roam on S2 but then PLAY it via S1. 

Am I just out of luck? If I want any new speakers I have to upgrade my old ones??? THis is turning a $200 purchase into a $1200 one!




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5 replies

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A small consolation: you should get a trade-in discount from Sonos, which can be used against a new product purchase without the need to return your Play:5 Gen 1. 

On the other hand, I found a very pleasing difference between the PLAY:1 first gen and the gen 2. While it may be an expense that hurts, I suspect your ears will be pleased, when you pull the trigger. 

Sorry, Sonos has moved on from S1 devices, most likely due to memory concerns. If you want to do simultaneous / grouped speakers, you’re going to need to upgrade. 

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Hi.   Yeah I live in a 1BR apt so my whole point is I want to play the same music on all speakers at once :(

There isn’t any reason why you can’t have 2 systems, one running S1 and the other running S2. 

The only thing you’d miss out on would be grouping both sets of speakers to play the same thing. There are quite a few folks on this forum that seem run two disparate systems, although I’m not one of them.