New Connect owner getting confused

  • 12 January 2017
  • 16 replies

I have just bought a Sonos Connect (not the Connect Amp) with the intention of outputting it to a Sony Soundbar I wasn't using. I assumed that the sound bar would be classified as 'powered' speakers but I'm not getting any sound output at all. Everything else is fine, I can get playback of a turntable I've connected to the line in out of my other Play 1's and I've checked the soundbar is functioning by connecting a different source. What am I missing?

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16 replies

If the soundbar is truly powered (there are passive soundbars out there), then you may be in a volume duel. Set the Connect's output to "Fixed" via the Settings->Room Settings->(Connect name) menu. This will ensure the soundbar gets full output and the soundbar volume can be utilized for control. If this does not work, list the soundbar model number and we can advise further.
Thanks for your input, It is a Sony HT-CT180 Soundbar
How is the Connect connected to the soundbar? That soundbar only has a an optical and a 3.5mm minijack input. You need to connect via the optical or the 3.5mm, Sonos does not connect via Bluetooth.
I tried both, optical cable (which I tested from tv to make sure ok) and the 3.5mm to the analogue line out on the Connect with the new cable that came with the Connect
Have you set the Connect's output to "Fixed"?
Then I'm not sure what is up. I would contact Sonos directly.
Thanks for your help, turned it all off and back on again and checked all connections.....and it worked!
However although I have sound from all speakers there is a delay between what is coming out of the pair of play 1's and direct from the soundbar. Do you know of any setting that can fix this? Couldn't spot anything on the app controller.
Which is behind? Is this for music or are you somehow directing the TV sound through the Connect?

At a guess you are playing a music source, have grouped the Connect and Play:1s and the Soundbar lags? If so then it will be down to audio processing in the Soundbar. The Connect and P:1s will sync perfectly. Does the Soundbar have a "direct" mode or some other way of turning off audio processing?
I also find myself wondering how much extra you would have to find if you returned the Connect, sold the Soundbar and bought a Playbar? What you are doing feels like a rather unsatiisfactory compromise because the soundbar happened to be there.
I mainly bought the Connect to use as a line in so I could add a turntable to my existing Sonos set up, and that I'd also end up with another speaker zone in conjunction with a sound bar I wasn't currently using. Seemed reasonable rather than paying double the cost for a Play:5 for example. But it hasn't worked out so will probably return it and just play the turntable straight into the sound bar as a stand alone set up. Real shame as I usually like the syncing capabilities of Sonos.
Fair enough. Although the Sonos components are synching perfectly. It was indeed a reasonable thing to try.
Fair point although it was the Sonos' that were lagging behind the direct connected sound bar. If all it's going to give me is a connector to play to the others rather than another zone then it's a bit rich at £250.
I agree. It isn't using the Connect for its main purpose. But what music source were you playing and how were you directing it to the P:1s?
Sony turntable into line in and then line out to sound bar. Then allowing autoplay to stream to a stereo pair of play:1's via the app controller.
Autoplay to Connect. Include grouped rooms in Autoplay settings. Starting from the Connect, group with the P1s