ZP80 dropping out when grouped

  • 27 December 2020
  • 3 replies

4 products in my system - 1st gen z80 with ethernet connection and wired  to my hi fi amp, a Beam, a Play 5 and a Connect Amp. My problem is with wired Z80 when in party mode. It drops out when linked to others. All play OK individually. What is the answer??

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3 replies

Ensure that you start the party mode from the ZP80, so it is the group coordinator. If one of the wireless speakers is the GC, there will be some extra wireless traffic between the speakers which may result in drop outs and other issues.

A bit more information on GC:


Tried that. Didn't  solve problem. ZP80 linked to any other component - zp80 always drops out.

Submit a diagnostic within 10 minutes of the drop out and post the diagnostic number here for Sonos staff to investigate - or call Sonos Support with the number.