Virgin Hub 3 with Arc bundle?

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I currently use my arc set up with Sky broadband with no problems but am thinking of changing to virgin for Broadband and just wanted to see if anyone uses this and if it works OK over WiFi or if they have 1 speaker wired ? Thanks in advance. 

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Hi @Tegs 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

In most cases, the Virgin Media Super Hub 3 does fine with Sonos. Some individual units have faults (not uncommon ones) that prevent Sonos from working properly - such as mine. The good thing about Virgin is that the router has a modem mode so you can easily get a third-party router to run your network instead (as I did).

Even if there are no faults, it may be that some configuration is needed, however, but the easiest way to avoid needing to do this would be to connect one speaker only to ethernet.

Do not connect more than one Sonos device to a Super Hub 3 via ethernet.

If you get a Super Hub 4, none of this may apply.

I hope this helps.

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I have had the hub 3 for 2 years and no problems. I used to be on sky but moved for better coverage and speed, works well for me with Sonos