Using Connect:Amp wired to Beam for surround speakers on Sonos S2 system?

  • 13 January 2021
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I have an existing Sonos 2 network throughout my home, including a Beam + Sub + Sonos Amp for surrounds in my family room, and other Sonos speakers around the house.  I am installing a projection TV in my bedroom and bought a new Beam for it, but would also like to use some existing speakers for rear surround.  I have an older ConnectAmp that I would like to use to power those.  If I use a wired ethernet connection between the Beam and the ConnectAmp will that work for driving the surround speakers even though the ConnectAmp is not compatible with the newer Sonos 2 wireless network?


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7 replies

Not compatible means not compatible, so no. But not all Connect:AMPs are incompatible with S2. Are you sure yours is?


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Sorry, no. Using a network cable to connect the Connect:amp and Beam will not make them connect to eachother. It will not sove the S1/S2 difference. This will not work.

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Thanks for the (unfortunate) answers.


John B, how do I tell if my Connect:Amp is compatible with Sonos 2?  Is there a place to look up the serial number or something?  Thanks.

This will help

Before the serial number on the label is a 4 digit code in format YYMM.  1502 (Feb 2015) and later are thought to be S2 compatible, but your online account is the best guide (see link above)

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Very helpful.  Thanks!

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