Unreliable phone connection to Sonos

  • 24 December 2020
  • 2 replies

I have a Google pixel 3a which I use to connect to my two Sonos One SLs.


Occasionally it works perfectly, and when I am in the middle of using it (e.g. go to change a song) it is usually fine. However, when I first begin to try using it, it almost always fails to connect. I close the app and reopen it but doesn't help. It always seems to take a few minutes to get going.


I get a variety of error messages, most often 1001 or 1002.


My partner has a Google Pixel 5 and never has this problem


Can anyone help? I saved up for a long time to afford good speakers, and it's very frustrating to have them malfunction all the time.





Diagnostic ref: 1932698396

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2 replies

Error 1001/1002 is just a timeout.

I’d suggest you double-check that the phone is connected to the correct WiFi. Also try toggling the Android WiFi setting which steers it to mobile data if it senses the WiFi is flaky. 



Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm afraid they've not worked. My phone is definitely always connected to the correct wifi. I've checked to make sure my phone isn't toggling off WiFi as you suggest, and I'm pretty confident it isn't.


If anyone has any other suggestions I'd be very grateful