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  • 29 March 2022
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My sub has no sound. I submited a diagnostics and got a confirmation number 332764751.


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6 replies

You may not always have staff see this thread immediately to feedback on your diagnostic, so as a suggestion while you wait, just ensure whatever device you may have bonded to the Sub, that it’s Wireless adapter is not switched off. Even try toggling the adapter on/off in its room settings in ‘Settings/System’ in the App.

Ok will try that. Thanks

Which model speakers are you using with SUB?

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Hi @Mll19b 

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It looks like you have two Subs. Are you referring to the Sub in the room called “Lanai”? If not, then I recommend you first make sure the Sub has power, then get in touch with our technical support team as that Sub did not show up in the diagnostic.

The “Lanai” Sub did show up, however. The only concern I have about that Sub is that the Amp it’s bonded to is constantly switching the 5GHz channel it is using to communicate to the Sub with. I recommend removing any possible sources of 5GHz interference from near the “Lanai” Amp. Our Reducing wireless interference help page should assist.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. I’m having issues with the other Sub. This one that’s in the Lanai is working okay. I was surprised about your comment that the Amp its bonded to shifts to 5Ghz. This Amp is wired via LAN.  


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Hi @Mll19b 

The Amp, even when connected with ethernet, communicates directly over 5GHz with the Sub. It’s this link that keeps changing channels. If you experience no problems with this Sub then don’t worry too much about it, but the Sub would be “happier” if there were less interference near the Amp.

As for the offline Sub, I don’t have much to go on. Does it show a solid, white light? Which room should it be bonded to? If it’s to the Lounge, then you’ll need to turn WiFi back on in the Lounge, as this is how that Sub would connect too. There also seems to be an offline Connect:AMP (though this could just be a device that you don’t use anymore) - if the problem Sub is bonded to it, then it’s this Connect:AMP’s status that needs to be addressed - does it show signs of having power?

I hope this helps.