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  • 1 January 2021
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Guys….I need some direction here.

I’ve got a new network setup so I’m trying to reset my playbar. It has the RJ45 connection and I have tried to do the reset but what I see as examples on how to reset the playbar on Google doesn’t have the same pic as on my playbar. They, whoever they is, say to hold down the play/pause button but my playbar doesn’t have a play/pause button...only the mute button (speaker with a /(slash) thru it. I’ve tried to do a reset holding down that bottom also but no luck.

If my new Arc didn’t have such a long delivery time, I’d just move this setup somewhere else and tackle it another day but…..




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11 replies

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If it’s a Playbar there are buttons on the end of the unit. 


If you can wire any Sonos device from your existing system to your new network you will not need to factory reset any device… as soon as it’s wired to the LAN, all powered on Sonos devices will reappear in the Sonos controller App on any mobile device that’s WiFi-connected to the same (new) local network.

Once that’s achieved, you can then goto "Settings/System/Network/Wireless Setup” and reset/enter the new routers WiFi credentials (SSID/Password) and all Sonos products will then run uncabled on the new routers WiFi… and no settings/services/playlists etc; will be lost.

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A factory reset is usually a bad idea and thereis no reason to in this case.

Thanks guys, but this playbar pic does not have the same buttons as mine. I have the speaker button with a slash / thru it and NOT the play/pause button. (otherwise I’d be done)


I have the playbar hard wired but the app does not see the device. I have been able to get my other Sonos devices on the new network but again, I don’t know the correct buttons to reset the the instructions on the Sonos website says to do if you’re porting over to a new network.

Could you post a picture of what buttons you do have?

Took it off their (ubergizmo) website but same layout/pic
Notice the speaker with slash


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It's the same button. Sonos changed the icons, just to confuse everyone. My playbar has a button with a speaker with a line through it. 

Indeed, the ‘mute’ button is exactly the same button as the Play/Pause button. 

I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t say it was the same button since I tried holding that one down also abut it never changed from orange - white - green. When I hold it down for 30 or so seconds, while plugging it back in, the button with the speaker and slash just goes green and I can’t see it via the app. (like my other 6 Sonos products)


I even tried it with the RJ45 out of the playbar...and with the RJ45 connected. I see that the playbar is hitting my network when I look at the RJ45 connection, it’s blinking green.

Thanks guys but I gave up. I’ve tried all suggestions but to no avail. I’ll wait for my ARC to come in next month and pack this one away.


Have a great New Year!

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Thanks guys but I gave up. I’ve tried all suggestions but to no avail. I’ll wait for my ARC to come in next month and pack this one away.


Have a great New Year!

A friend’s Playbar got into this same state, I tried everything to no avail. I told him to keep it for spares in case either of mine lose their WiFi card or get dinged.