S1 & S2 systems and NAS access

  • 9 January 2021
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I have a Play 5 gen 1 (wired to router) & 2no Play 1s paired, in room 1, using S1 controller.

I added a Beam (wired to router £ connected to TV) in room 2. It requires S2 controller.

Since the installation of the Beam, the S1 controller continually requires upgrading to S2. 

S2 does not recognise the Play 5 so I've reverted to S1 in room 1. The S1 controller no longer sees the music library on my NAS which is my main source of music, and the main reason why I have a NAS.

I am prepared to have two separate systems in rooms 1 & 2 if necessary, but I want my Play 5 to work, and I want access to my NAS.

Can someone with more knowledge of the Sonos system help? I feel that I've introduced a cuckoo into my Sonos nest.

Thanks in advance



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4 replies

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Both S1 and S2 should be able to connect to your NAS with no issues as long as it is set to provide SMB v1 networking. Only v2 or higher won’t work and sometimes a NAS update turns v1 off so check that.

The Beam does not require S2.  It can be used just fine on an S1 system.

I suggest you factory reset the Beam.  Do not reset anything else. Uninstall the S2 app from all controller devices.  Then try to add the Beam to the existing system using the S1 mobile app, using ‘Add Product’. 

If this all works (which according to Sonos it should), then your whole system will be on S1.

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Hi all, thanks for your quick responses.

I have followed your advice and all is now well in my Sonos world, for the time being at any rate.

My Play 5 gen 1, paired Play 1s and my Beam are all working with the S1 app and can access music on my NAS. I can also control the whole thing using Alexa, if I choose.

Thanks for your valued assistance. I don’t know why I couldn’t access my NAS earlier: it was set to SMB1. I thought that the Beam required S2: I don’t know where I got that from, probably Sonos pushing S2.

Fingers crossed that all continues to operate as it does at present.

Thanks again.