Problem adding Sub to Arc

  • 30 December 2020
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I am using the Sonos S2 app on my Android phone.

I purchased an Arc SL from Costco a few days ago. It set up perfectly.

I just tried to add a Sub S3. Big problems adding it to my Arc SL.

I see these messages:

  • “Your Sub has been added to your system, but it will remain unused until you connect it later.”
  • I tapped the icon labeled “Connect Sub to a product.”
  • “Let’s add a Sub to one of your rooms. Would you like to use Sub with Sonos Arc SL?”
  • I hit the Connect button.
  • “Adding Sub. This may take a moment...”
  • The Sub had a flashing white light.
  • Then the light went to steady.
  • Then it dimmed.
  • “There was a problem adding your Sub. Check the network connection and make sure your product is powered on.”

I tried three times, with the same results.

I re-booted my wireless access point and tried again. Same results.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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3 replies

I’m having this exact issue with the Sonos Arc SL I just bought from Costco - can’t add surrounds either.


Problem solved, with some help from Sonos phone support and my experimentation.

We just moved into a new home built by Lennar. Their new homes are Smart Homes. They include a network switch and a wireless access point, both made by Ruckus. All of my wireless devices talk to the Ruckus wireless access point.

Ruckus gear and Sonos gear don’t get along. 

My Setup

  • Router: Xfinity X1, which delivered wi-fi, hard-wired internet and voice-over-IP throughout my old home.
  • Network Switch: Ruckus 12-port switch. One of its ports goes to…
  • Wireless Access Point: Ruckus, receiving its power and signal from the Ruckus switch.
  • Sonos Arc SL, which links to a wireless network during initial setup
  • Sonos Sub, which links to the Arc

Why My Initial Setup Failed

Sonos gear and Ruckus wireless networks don’t get along. Although I was able to set up the Arc SL soundbar on the Ruckus network, the Sub was unable to connect with the Arc.

During my conversation with Sonos phone support (which is excellent, by the way), the support tech asked me to send him diagnostics from my smartphone. That’s how he noticed I had Ruckus networking gear in the picture.

How I Fixed It

My Xfinity X1 router was still acting like a wireless access point, Let’s say its wireless network name was Bob. My Ruckus wireless network had its own wireless network name. Let’s say it’s name was Joe.

  1. In my smartphone’s wi-fi setup, I switched from the Ruckus “Joe” wireless network to the Xfinity “Bob” wireless network.
  2. I reinstalled the Arc soundbar. It recognized and linked with my Xfinity “Bob” wireless network. I placed the Arc soundbar in an area called “Living Room.”
  3. Once the soundbar was functioning, I reinstalled the Sonos Sub. During the installation, I selected “Living Room” as its location. 

Now, my Sonos gear uses the Xfinity “Bob” wireless network, while everything else in my home (including my smartphone) uses the Ruckus “Joe” wireless network. Everything works.

In Case You Have to Reset Your Sonos Gear

During the installation of the Sonos Arc and the Sonos Sub, I had to reset both devices to erase the old configuration data. Resetting is simple. It is covered in help screens within the smartphone app, and on the Sonos website. Use the Sonos resources as your guide. Here is what I recall:

  1. Unplug the device.
  2. Hold in the linking button (the only button) as you plug in the power cord.
  3. Continue holding in the button until the indicator light flashes orange and white.

I hope this long-winded explanation helps.



At last I've sorted the connection problem. Thanks for posting this article. 

If anyone else is having a problem connecting subs and surrounds to the Arc then make sure you unplug any wifi extenders etc and only connect directly through the router. I factory reset all my sonos and reconnected each one separately then managed to connect everything to the Arc. 

What a great sound. 👍