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  • 7 January 2021
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I am currently building a house and in the basement I have ceiling speakers. I plan on using an Amp to power those, add a sub, SL One (2), and Arc. I currently have a beam and I want to add multiple SL One’s throughout the rest of the home.  Will it be possible to listed to music on the One’s while still operating the home theater in the basement without cross contamination?


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3 replies

Sure, I do it all the time. Each ‘room’ in the Sonos software can play different streams simultaneously. 

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Yes, no problem. The default is when a TV source is detected by any soundbar (plus Sub and surrounds), it un-groups itself from any other Sonos devices. If music is playing, it continues.

Please note though that Sonos does not support use an amp, Arc, sub, and 2 SLs as a single room of bonded speakers.  There are essentially 3 components to a Sonos home theatre setup...front, rear, and sub.  The ‘front’ will connect to your TV and can be either an Arc, Beam, or Amp.  The rear will cover the rear surround channels and can be a pair of like speakers (like your SLs) or an Amp.  And you can add one or two subs to the setup.

So as you can you can’t put all of those Sonos products into a single Home theatre room.  You can setup a 2nd Sonos room in the basement, say your amp for example, but it would be second room playing stereo channels only.  For music it would be in perfect sync with your other speakers.  For TV audio though, it would be delayed, creating an echo effect.