Going secondhand soundbar

  • 4 September 2023
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Hi all good people.


Can i get some input of what route to go. 
If some of you have scrolled around my questions i’m gonna let the ones that didn’t a little brief.

Tree different rooms,only one with a home cinema-status.

The other two rooms got both Panasonic 2010-mod and Apple Tv 4k.

I will get the Arc in a few months,so one of the two rooms will have a Beam G2 transfere from my precence home cinema setup.

The final room would like to get a soundbar as well,but i’m not sure what to get. It probobly would be a budget system. I allready got Ikea Bookshelf’s for surround,and i will probobly gonna get a Gen2/3.

So….do you people recomend the Playbar or the Playbase? Or is the Ray so much better that these options. The price is basicly the same for these items here in Norway.

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14 replies

Go for Ray.

Playbar is a 10-year old design, and it seems Playbase wasn’t terribly successful. Both were discontinued 3 years ago.

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Really…i thought the Playbase would be a better option. But that is leading me to the next wonder of mine: Why are those old Playbar & Playbase still so expencive to get secound hand that i could go purcase a brand new Ray for the same price. Or do people got such narrow vision that their $800 Playbar is still a goldmine to own. Or is it because of anything else i do not understand? 

I have not heard any of those soundbars playing so i have no clue what to expect from either of them. But back 5-7years ago those must have been good soundbars.

$800?! I just looked on a well-known online marketplace and used items seem to go for about GBP250 or less, depending on condition.

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Sorry…what i mean was they probobly cost $800 new and now as the Playbase is 6-7yo they wanna sell it and demanding $3-500 secound hand….like the Ray is $279.

So that’s why i’m still wonder how can that be? And that lead me to belive the Playbar&Playbase sounds better than a Ray. Connections to my TV will be by infrared(optical) anyway. I’m not having a superiour cinema-room here,but as much as i can get for a good value. The sub will be a Gen2/3 cause a secound hand Gen2 will be the same as a new Sub mini and a Gen3 will be +$250. 

You pays your money and you takes your choice.

If you prefer Playbar and have the space then go for it. It was (and still is) a great soundbar. A fault which can develop, and comes up here from time to time, is a high pitched whine from the switched mode power supply whenever the Playbar is powered (not just when playing).

Playbase was only sold from 2017 to 2020, so one assumes it wasn’t so popular.

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Space is no problem. What i wanted to get uplightning over if those old Sonos soundbars still ok to own and if they are $300 worth of sound.

The Beam G1 is also an alternative but it’s like $350 used and the front cloth grill are most likely to have wears’n tears on it. 
I’ll find the Playbase to go for $2-250,used Ray is $200 and the Playbar is never listed for sale under $300.
But i like the slim design on the Playbase. The Ray is more like something i would put under a screen for gaming….i don’t know.


I’d encourage you to think more about sound than appearance. All devices are ‘noticeable ’ for the first several weeks in the new location you’ve placed them , but tend to fade into the background as time goes on.

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I would like to experience the sound from old-school Sonos soundbars. I know it’s not like the new Beam or Arc,but how far off are they really?

And the sound i like,might be not what you seek. We are all different. But i could use the info of what majority of the users experience when they use the Playbar&Playbase. 
The most important for me is value for money. In this case i just wanna get better sound from my TV along with my Ikea BS. So the most important is to get a soundbar. If i don’t like it,i can pass it on to the next. But what will be the best option. Just go for a Ray and never think of the Playbar/Playbase and how that option could have worked if i try. I don’t know. I thought this was easy to get a anserw…now i’ll just buy a secoundhand Ray when i come across one. 

RAY will have less bass than the others and you will be limited to 5.1. If price is your overriding consideration, wait for RAY.

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I still seach to come across a good used deal for a soundbar. But i’m very very un-sure what to get. The Playbar i ruled out more or less….it’s a little bolkey and it’s too expencive.

The Beam Gen1 is allso an alternative,but it’s in the upper price-range for me. And im not a lucky man find a Beam without any damage/dirtyness(yes,i’m not looking for black version,only white).

Sound-wise the perfect choice would be the Ray cause my TV is placed sideways by a wall. Good space on one side of TV,a wall on the oposite side.

The Playbase is the one who blend in the most,and probobly will be on the cheeper side.

Playbar is never sold under $300 for a used one

Playbase is $180-$300 used

Ray is sold on Outlet for $235(used one’s are normally $180-200)

Beam Gen1 is $230-$280 used.

I’m trying to avoid get a Beam since i allready got a Beam Gen2,and i wanna try another soundbar from Sonos. 

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I've been looking for a while for a new soundbar but still using the Playbar, can't justify getting rid of it.

Even after all these years it is an excellent bit of kit, Full Music mode with a pair of Play 1's and Sub still sounds fantastic imho.

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Yeah,i can understand that. I mean how can you switch it out….it will never match up money-wise,cause IF you’re selling it you need to get the most out of it to justify getting a new soundbar like perhaps the Arc. I belive i never would pay like $300+ for a 7-9yo Playbar. And that brings us to our issue. The Playbar still does a good job and it’s valued more than $300 witch is tha average secound hand price. You still need to coff up anohter $5-600 for the Arc. That leave us with a Playbar we still enjoy and we do not let it go unless we get good money. That is how it is for the Play1’s as well. Too “un-useble" but still asking top $ secound hand cause we don’t wanna sell it. 

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So…..here we are🙃

I purcase a black 2.hand Playbase AND a black Beam gen1 for not much of a difference money-wise.

I have not recived the Beam yet,maybe it’s here by mail tomorrow…anyway i have the Playbase.

Well,let my just say: most of you guys(and girls of course) tried to pan me against a Beam with an HDMI….but i just HAD to step in the mud. I can understand now…

My setup is now that i got rid of the “Airplay” part of sound when watch tv/Youtube. Like every commersal i sometimes had to use sidemenu on Apple Tv and hook on for the Sonos and default the tv-speakers….Guess what i have now: I no longer can control volume on Apple Tv’s remote…or that’s not true. I can lower the volume,but  when turn up volume i bring along the TV-speakers as well(same for the remote for the tv)…BUT i can control volume in the Sonos app without interfere with tv-speaker.

So i have tried basicly every tricks and came to the final solution…. Get an HDMI/optical “box/extentioner” or pass it on to the next one and get the soundbars WITH at least an HDMI connection

The sound was great. I think it’s a very loud speaker and it puts out nice bass. I use the Ikea BS as surround and it’s very loud when play music(over Airplay). For the movie/cinema-part….well i think it might sound great with just an Sub Mini….cause down the line i felt the Ikea’s was not doing it’s best here. So i imagine the Playbase&Sub. Must say i’m not in a big room here.

The thing i like bout the Playbase it can placed as a base for your TV. Like in my place here,i’m not gonna take advantage of having a Beam instead,cause my tv in one side against a wall and the other side is down a hallway. My furniture for the tv is not big enough to hold a Beam in front of the tv-foot…so i’m not sure what to do.

Well,this was just an little update….

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Hi Good people…

A little update here on the soundbar-side of my Sonos-journey.

I purcase a secound hand Beam gen1 and a Playbase….i kept the Playbase and send the Beam to the next one….sorry to say,but i did not enjoy it as much as the Playbase. It’s kinda interesting cause i like my Beam gen2 and i think that sounds awsome. I really thought the sound on these gen½ would be pretty close,but sorry…not with my ears. I really like the Playbase. And to be hosest…the small little system with Playbase&Ikea BS….i’ve been listening now for 5-6weeks and i’m thinking: for this sound,i don’t need to hook up any sub.

I have also purcased a Arc….well,the honest opinion here is: I was expecting more from a $1000 top of line soundbar. I can’t put my finger on anything,but there is something that’s missing or somthing not quite right. Perhaps i need to be more creative when true-play it…