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  • 21 December 2022
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Good evening to all
I have a sonos beam gen 1 and two sonos one
I have configured my sound output in d'OL y digital on my Tv 
On the sonos application I see dolby digital 5.1 audio input, despite all my surround speakers (sonos one) does not work no sound comes out of these speakers
I have also increased the sound on round from the app 
Thank you for your help


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7 replies

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What model is your TV? What exactly is your source? From what app and device?


Samsung ue49ku6400 HDMI arc

i see dolby digital 5.1 from sonos APP


If i choose dts neo , surround works

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What exactly is your 5.1 source? From what app and device?


French internet box

freebox POP

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Surround sound does not play all the time - it’s an channel. Are you sure the program you’re testing with has something being sent to the surrounds? 
disregard that - I just saw DTS works. 

Does HDMI setting need to be different to PCM?

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It sounds like you are just playing a stereo source. The DTS Neo 2.5 setting sounds better because it is designed to take a stereo source and up-mix it to a virtualized 5.1. The Dolby Digital setting will only play whatever audio channels are available in the mix. If the audio is in stereo, it will only play audio out of the front channels. So if you play a lot of stereo content, use the DTS Neo 2.5 setting. You might even try the PCM setting and allow the Beam to perform the audio up-mix.