Connecting Amp to Playbar

  • 14 October 2021
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My system was installed by someone no longer in the business, so I lack much of the installation information.  I have a Sony TV with a Playbar connected via optical (I think).  I have paired a Sub to the Playbar.  I have an Amp with some in ceiling speakers (not sure what kind).  Now I try to add the Amp to the room with the Playbar and the amp does not see the Amp so I can’t add it.  So I pair the two rims and it works fine.  What am I doing wrong?


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4 replies

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Do you see the Amp in the Sonos app? If so, follow these instructions:


If you don’t see the Amp listed in the Sonos app and you have already gone through the setup process in the app, try unplugging the Amp for a couple of minutes and reboot your router and phone.

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I do see the Amp.  I took the surrounds off the Amp and put them on the Playbar and somehow the Amp was magically added to my TV room room, so all works now.  Thanks


BTW I have a ARC ordered to replace my Playbar, any suggestions about set up?

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Remove (unbond) the Sub and Amp from the Playbar in the Sonos app first. Then disconnect any other devices from the TV. Make sure CEC is enabled in your TV settings (CEC can be named differently depending on the TV brand). Plug the Arc into power and set up the Arc in the Sonos app. Then run the TV Setup process under the Arc’s settings. Connect the Arc to the TV’s HDMI ARC port (best connection) or optical port when the app instructs you to. When the Arc is successfully connected to the TV, connect the other devices back to the TV.

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Thanks, appreciate the help!!!!!