Arc Bass Compression

  • 31 March 2021
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Would love to hear some feedback from a sonos rep and other folks in the community on if their Sonos arc’s bass compresses at higher volume. Since I don’t have a subwoofer I like to have the arc EQ settings at +6 or +7 for music purposes and noticed that at high volumes the bass compresses and becomes very minimal. I spoke to a Sonos support rep who tested my arc with me and assured that my device was faulty and so I was sent a new one. After setting up the new one the same issue presents itself. Bass compression at volume 70 or above. I personally have no need to play anything above 70 but I’m not sure why Sonos would lie and say that shouldn’t happen when it’s happening yet again on my new arc. I’m still waiting for this soundbar to prove its value to me.

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8 replies

No responses from a sonos rep? I’ve seen newer posts already get replied to by someone from sonos. Is this problem I described being swept under the rug or did I somehow get 2 lemons?

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More than likely you didn’t get two lemons. The Arc probably just has some bass limitations when it’s turned up to 70% and higher volumes. I suggest you find a different sound bar that can deliver the bass response you want at extremely high volumes because I don’t think you’ll ever be content with the Arc’s performance. 

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I'm sure Sonos did an update after complaints about "muddy" bass.

Seems they just lowered the bass output?.

Have a search, there's a few threads on it.

Plenty of people disappointed with it's music reproduction.

I just got mine and the bass S.U.X! I am glad I kept my AV receiver! I am amazed that no response has been provided by the Sonos product team! Of course if it’s hardware then the software people will never say anything. I have been a loyal Sonos fan for years but the Arc is not befitting of the product lines. I wonder how the Beam compares.It’s definitely going back!

Seems odd that you would expect the quality of the four inch speakers in an Arc to be as effective in recreating bass as much as generally larger size speakers connected to an A/V receiver. There’s likely only so much that can be done to alter simple physics with programming of physically smaller emitters. 

I should have mentioned that the Arc bass stinks in comparison to the Play Five, and the older 3 which I happen to own both and where the bass sounds great! I don’t think it’s too much to ask the same company to recreate the same experiences as in their existing product line. Again, the silence is probably it’s a hardware limitation/issue hence no official comment from Sonos. I used to be a PM for a large software company and know how production works where marketing and legal intersect and can make it difficult to pay attention to users’ feedback. I will probably replace the Arc with a pair of Fives’ 


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@TheBedouin How do you plan on connecting the pair of Fives to your TV?

@TheBedouin How do you plan on connecting the pair of Fives to your TV?

That’s a very good question which I haven’t thought about so thank you. My only option is a line-in or some version of the Connect combined with the TV speakers.