Airplay and what happens….Possible problem?

  • 29 August 2023
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Hi you Good People out there….

Well,i got some questions to ask so i can get a better understanding of this. Anyway,here it goes:

I have basicly tree rooms with Sonos-items. My livingroom down stairs,a livingroom upstairs and my bedroom.

All these rooms got a Panasonic 10yo+ plastma-tv each. And with their 2022 Apple TV 4k( 3xPansonic tv&3xApple TV in total)

Livingroom upstairs got the Cinema-setup with the Beam G2, ERA 100 and 2xSub G3….and a Arcana HDfury(the only one i got)

Bedroom got ERA 100’s in stereo,and the livingroom downstairs got two pairs of Ikea BS speaker.

Everything have been working ok. And i got the same issues as others when it comes to how to use the side-menu on Apple TV to dissble TV speakers,and hook off for either ERA or BS. Well you follow me so far right?

Ok,the Ikea BS’es i have one pair under my tv(places where a future Ray/Beam/Ark would be located) and the other Ikea BS i bought the org stands and did a foot/base delite. And placed them in the corner like the rear surrounds would be.

I started notice a small small like delay from one of the rear BS. It’s only when i skip a track or stop playing. Like if i stop play something in the middle of Youtube,the right rear BS will play for like 0.2-0.3 sec after stop. 
Then i was thinking: i read somwhere that if i connect one speaker with a internetcable from ny router/network sonos-speakers will create their own net independent of my wifi intetnet-connection. So i did.

But then things start mess up. Particulaty my home cinema was no longer respond to my remote. And i got the display in App telling what quality you watch,it went from like PCM on Youtube to Airplay. So i just remove the internetcable from the BS and restarted all my products and everything went back to normal. Yeh-yeah. 
So….is there something i missed here? Perhaps something in TV’s menu? Or it’s just to get a couple of soundbars(gonna have soundbars to all tv’s anyway) or just get newer tv‘s with eARK and so on.


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9 replies

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Just for clarification: “Ikea BS” are the IKEA Symfonisk bookshelf speakers?

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Yes,sorry if i shortend the Ikea Book Shelf speaker name to BS(BookShelf)….should have made that clear.


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Hi @BOL74 

Thanks for your post!

If I understand correctly, one speaker isn’t playing out of sync with the other 3, but just continues playing a fraction of a second longer than the others when you pause or change track?

If so, I think the first of the best things you can try to remedy it is to reboot the stereo pair of which this speaker is a part.

If that doesn’t help, please separate the pair into separate rooms in the app, then pair them together again.

Separate a stereo pair

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS and Android.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap System.
  3. Under Products, tap the room with the stereo pair.
  4. Tap Separate Stereo Pair and follow the in app instructions.

You can also try physically swapping the two speakers of that pair, after breaking the pair apart in the app as in the previous step (whichever speaker is designated as the left speaker is generally in charge of what a pair actually does, so changing which speaker that is might alter the behaviour). 

And if the behaviour continues after all that, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

I hope this helps.

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#Corry P

Thanxs for your reply. Well,i was just wonder if anyone have this experience. 
The sound is perfect(mostly,i get back to that) but only when stop playing something the delay is there. Or explain in a simple way. One speaker stop play content after than the other one.

The lip-sync i experience and the only time it appear is when:  I play Youtube,and there’s an commercial…..sometimes the speakers are disconnected and you have to go to sidemenu on the Apple TV to cross off for the speakers and disable tv-speakers….THEN when i return to Youtube-video i’m playing i now have a problem with the lip-lync. Solution: just rewind the Youtube-video a few secounds and everything is back to normal again 

So,could this be just me beeing picky? I know nothing is perfect…but rather than keeping MY experience for myself i am curious is someone heard bout this before or anything.


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Just for clarity: you are Airplaying the sound from the Apple TV when this happens?

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Yes i am. I have only a Beam Gen2,but it’s not part of of this issue/question.(it’s in my ERA100&Gen3’s system upstairs)

I have 2x Ikea BS stereopair(4xIkea BS in total). Two in each corner angle as they will be part of a home cinema-kit wirh a Ray/Beam/Arc in future,and the other pair under my 42” Panasonic-tv from 2010 or so like placed like a soundbar would be located. 

This is my livingroom in my first floor.

With respect to the pause delay, the command must be sent individually to each speaker. I suspect that there is a “grid” of some sort in each speaker, say 0.1 seconds, between potential command executions. If, due to small network delays or your timing when initiating the command, it arrives at one speaker at 0.100 and another speaker at 0.101, the first speaker will execute immediately, while the second speaker will execute at 0.200. If I have a couple pairs of speakers in a Group, I might notice a Group Volume change command bouncing around the room.

Are the BS speakers “Grouped” in the SONOS controller?

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Both Ikea BS are stereopair. I can use app to put them together,but i normally just hook them on in the sidebar-menu on my Apple TV.  I have not made anything more in the app. I assume there is the opertunety to make different choises what you wish to play in that room or on that speaker that you allso programmed anohter speaker or speaker-pair play that content. A little bit like a chain-reaction….right. But i have not messed with that part.

It seems reasonable the things you describe bout the delay….i am happy with that expaination. Thanx🤜

Rather than selecting multiple Rooms in AppleTV, Group the Rooms in the SONOS controller. This might result in better player coherence.